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The #1 4700 Dealer in Canada


When you’re ready to find the perfect new truck, come to B & I's Complete Truck Sales Centre in Barrie. Our professional and experienced sales team has a strong knowledge of all makes and models of vehicles on our lot, and will work with you closely to select the right vehicle. We know that for you, a truck isn’t just a ride from point A to point B, but an important part of your livelihood. You can rest assured knowing that your new truck will be able to stand up to the daily rigors of your job, and will always work for you when you need it to.

Pump Truck
Western Star


At B & I's Complete Truck Sales Centre, we stock a number of Western Star trucks. Western Star is proud to build trucks as if your living depends on it. Making your truck work at peak efficiency, from the assembly line to the bottom line, takes road smarts and commitment. It takes engineers like ours knowing what professionals like you need, and an OEM like us willing to build it. Learn more about Western Star!

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