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At B & I’s Complete Truck Centre, we are proud to be an authorized dealer in Barrie for Western Star trucks and the number #1 dealer in Canada. Western Star is the premium brand for luxury vehicles that fulfill all your serious trucking needs. Every truck is custom–built to your unique specifications. The greatest benefit of Western Star quality and customization is the truck’s ability to perform well in response to terrain, climate and application requirements.


Premium Highway
Western Star trucks are a combination of beauty and brawn, style welded to steel – offered in a wide choice of axle, hood and sleeper configurations, including both the smallest and the largest walk-through sleepers on the road, our premium Star Light Stratospheres, featuring the new 82” Ultra High Roof.

We made our reputation with a can-do attitude toward any custom request. Popular logging options include a severe-duty cab, tridem rear drive axles, heavy-duty suspensions, a variety of radiator sizes and a wide range of logging bumpers.

Construction sites destroy trucks. Western Star can help with shot-peened steel frames able to take the abuse, and options like a severe-duty cab, all-wheel drive and other premium components. The Western Star cab can be customized with new technologies that offer the highest level of durability and weight-savings.

Extreme Duty
Wherever giants are needed around the globe, the Western Star 69X XD is there. Armed with a serious pedigree, the 69X  XD is fully customizable to meet your needs. With options like right-hand drive, all-wheel drive, quadruple frame rails, extra heavy-duty electrical systems and thousands more, we're flexible enough to build the truck you need to get the job done right. Western Star sets the standard for custom-built, rugged trucks for extreme duty environments.

Specialty Applications
Western Star's specialty: snow plows, wreckers, rescue vehicles, utility trucks, twin-steer, all-wheel drive, right-hand drive, two- and three-stage air cleaning systems, extra heavy-duty electrical systems 4x3, 4x4, 6x4, 8x4. 8x8 pr 10x6 - if you want it, we'll work to build it.

Featured Western Star Models

To learn more about available Western Star vehicles, contact our team today.

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